A Custom Greeting for the Nextdoor Postcard Invite

I have been an avid Invite Postcard sender on my neighborhood’s Nextdoor site. In the hopes that I can reel more people in I have rewritten the invite so that it doesn’t sound so canned. While writing this I discovered the 400 word limit and thus had to pair my pitch down. Here is the progression of my writing.

Original pitch

Our neighborhood is using a private online network called Nextdoor Estates At Settlers Park, and we think you’ll benefit from joining us. On our Nextdoor site, neighbors share community events, recommendations, items for sale/free, crime/safety concerns, ideas about how to make our neighborhood better, and more. Please join us to build a better neighborhood!

Draft 1

I basically wrote what I tell people in person when I invite them to the website. Continue reading

Microsoft Windows Creeps Back Into My Desk

Windows-8-logo It has been years now that I had denounced Microsoft Windows, sold my Dell desktop, and bought a Mac Mini. Now, nearly 8 years later, I look at the desk in my home office and I see 4 Windows PC’s and 2 lowly Macs. What in the world has happened?

Windows 7 and 8 – that’s what.

It was Windows Vista that had made me walk away from Windows after years of MS Server, MS SQL Server, Exchange, etc. In fact I even changed careers going from a MS certified network engineer to a PHP slanging Linux hosting web designer/developer. I really hated Windows that much.

To be honest the other thing that has brought me back into the MS Windows family is cost. Mac’s are great but very expensive compared to their Windows based counterparts. I have a Lenovo laptop that I just purchased with an I5 processor, 4GB memory, and a 500GB HD that was a third of the cost of a similarly priced Mac (seems I have had this conversation before…).

Anyway, to clear things up before I seem to much like a flip-flopper, the Windows computers are primarily for the wife and 3 kids in the house. As mentioned, I still have 2 Macs on my desk and they are MY Macs. Everyone else seems to be content with Windows and their iPads:-). I of course need to have my own Windows computer so that I can be familiar with supporting everyone else. Hey! Any IT guy will tell you that you always need a testing machine!

Anywho, Windows is a great OS once again and I am really happy to see Microsoft get it’s act together. Now if they could just make an awesome Windows phone to compete with the iPhone!

Photo Gallery Test

I am going to test out the new carousel feature here at WordPress.com to see how it is supposed to work before trying it on my self-hosted WP sites.

Here it goes…

I’m going to have to try this out…

WordPress.com News

You might recall the photo carousel feature we launched a few months ago. It has been incredibly popular with both bloggers and visitors, racking up over three quarters of a billion views since then. Today, we’re happy to announce we’re launching v2 of Carousel with significant improvements:

  • Images are served double-resolution (Retina!) for visitors on capable devices, like the iPad 3 or Retina Macbook Pro. (Best, laptop, ever.)
  • Comments! Visitors can now comment directly on each photo.
  • Likewise, you can now like or reblog every individual image.
  • You can now select a light or dark theme for your photos to be showcased on.
  • If your camera includes EXIF metadata, like aperture, lens, and shutter speed, we now show that next to the photo. (You can toggle this off under Settings → Media if you prefer.)
  • We’ve improved performance so it loads and moves faster on browsers old and new.

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