Amazing, I Still Get Traffic Here

The last time I posted on this blog was in February of this year yet I still get traffic every day to it. Granted, it is not a lot of traffic, but it is not forgotten. 

The reason for the lasck of traffic around here is because I have 15 other blogs that I write for. I have not written on them that much over the last year but I am starting to ramp up again.

I am not sure if I will write very much here but I am keeping this blog none the less.

I Watched My First T-Ball Practice Last Night

wil_tball My wife, my son, and I went to the park last night to sit in on another 4U T-Ball team’s practice. I wanted to see how a coach that actually knows what they are doing handles the practice. I am really glad that I went as I was not feeling very confident about getting the kids from our team out in the field and having them all look up to me to tell them what to do.

Basically the coaches are teaching the very basics of playing baseball. They broke the kids up into a couple of different groups (they had 4 coaches). Two groups worked on catching while the other two worked on batting.

The catching group had the players line up along one of the base lines facing the coach without their gloves. What the coach did was roll the ball to each player one at a time and had the kid get used to using both of his hands together to try and stop the ball. They did this several times with each kid until it looked like they were getting it and then had them do it with the glove.

The batting group had the T’s setup close to the fence and the coach would have the kid hit the ball into the fence to try and learn how to line the ball up with the bat. He would run through the proper time to hit the ball which was after a series terms. The terms were:

  1. Baseball Ready
  2. Pitcher Pitch
  3. Batter Bat

After Batter Bat it is time to hit the ball.

From there they got all the kids together and had 8 kids on the field with 1 on each base, a pitcher, and 2 kids in between each of the bases for a total of 8 in the field. The remaining 3 kids (one was not at practice) were the batters with 1 at the plate, one on deck, and the other one waiting.

What they would do was have the kid hit the ball and then have whoever the ball came to get the ball and throw it to first base. After they got the ball to base the would have the kid hit the ball again and this time run the bases. After each kid would hit he would be rotated on to the the field and then a kid on the field would be rotated off so they could bat. They did this until each kid got to bat.

tball From there they split the kids up into 2 groups with one group lining up at home plate and the other at second base. They gave the first kid in each line a baseball and had them run the bases until they got around all four bases. When the kid came to the final base they would hand off the baseball to the next kid and then they would run the bases. They would do this until all the kids had run the bases.

It was a pretty good program and I was really happy to have seen it first hand. I went from being apprehensive about coaching to actually looking forward to it.The kids all had a really good time and the parents looked like they were having a good time as well.

I already have 3 parents that have said that they would help out so I think that things should go really well at our first practice.

One on My Most Daring Challenges to Date – Coaching My Son’s T-Ball Team

baseball I have taken the plunge and have volunteered as the “Manager” of my son’s T-Ball team. I put “Manager” in quotes because as I get deeper into this “Manager” position it actually seems to mean “Coach”. While that may not be such a big deal to most it is a big deal to be because:

  1. I have never played organized sports before (Unless you count the day I tried out for football in high school and on the same day dislocated my finger and I never showed up again)
  2. I have never seen any of my kids play organized sports before. My son will pretend to hit a ball and then run around imaginary bases – the wrong way.
  3. This is 4U team which isn’t even at the T-ball level yet, it is mostly kids dressing up in uniforms and trying to hit the ball off the T and trying not to get hit if someone is actually lucky enough to make contact with the bat.

Despite all this the league was short a couple of managers and I really wanted my kid to play so I stepped up. I was told that I would not need to coach since parents usually like to get involved and help out.

The more I get into this the more I see that I am indeed the Manager and Coach. My wife was nice enough to buy me a book on how to coach so at least I will have book smarts if not experience. The way I see it I was the only one willing to step up so I cannot see how people can complain too much (let’s hope THAT doesn’t come back to haunt me later).

While trying desperately to find some info out on the net to vanilla_ice_1help with the impending first practice I came across this funny post about Coach Danny’s Rules of Tee-Ball. It made me laugh because it is probably a good glimpse of what I am in for during the next few months. I wince at the thought of all of the kids and parent looking to me to see how we play this wonderful game.

Well I will be posting here regularly of my exciting exploits of coaching my kids 4U T-Ball Team.

Am I Goofy or What? I Came to Work on a National Holiday and There is No One in My Office

mlkYep, I am sitting at my work right now. It is quiet, dark, surreal. Yes, I got up this morning (earlier then usual even!) and came into work on Martin Luther King day.

It is not that I do not celebrate what MLK did for this country, it is just that I have been so busy that I missed today somehow.

Oh well, this is an extra day off that I just got so I will take advantage of it and get some work done to try and stay ahead of the curve.

Happy MLK day!

Vintage Exterior Front Doors for Ranch and Bungalow Homes

pasadena_a-med A friend of mine at work recently renovated his house and was looking to replace his front door with a 1960s era door.  He searched high and low and could not find anyone that produced this type of door. He was in the process of having one made when the light bulb went one – “I bet there are others just like me that are looking for similar doors.” – he thought and Crestview Doors was born.

Crestview Doors specializes in 1950s to 1960s vintage – mid century – front entrance doors. They are great for ranch and bungalow homes that are being renovated. Their modern doors with a vintage look are the perfect addition to any restoration project.

The main styles of doors that they have are:

  • Modern Ranch/Rambler, Mid-century  – Modern 1950’s and 1960’s
  • Fabulous Fifties – Mid to late 1950’s
  • Post-war Vernacular – Late 1940’s/Early 1950’s

Their prices are reasonable and they have free shipping within the US (Hawaii and Alaska cost extra). They have over 30 doors to choose from so you are bound to find something that will look perfect for your house.

Blogging from the iPhone

So i got it stuck in my mind that you should be able to blog from your iPhone so I am giving it a try.

The first thing that I noticed is that the WordPress rich text editor and the iPhone version of Safari do not mix. I have turned off the rich text editor which has helped a lot. The only thing is that the keyboard seems to lag a little as I type this.

The other thing is that I have not figured out a way to add links since there is no way to select text. I know Movabletype has just come out with a iPhone friendly admin interface. I hope WordPress does soon too.

I wish that there was an easier way to do this.

iCrack – The New Name for My iPhone

icrack Yep, that’s right – I am addicted. My iPhone has officially been renamed my iCrack.

Every freaking moment I get I am checking my email or looking at Google reader looking for stories from Digg, Gizmodo, or CNN. I now how sympathy for all of the Crackberry owners out there. I feel you guys – really I do.

Speaking of feeling I’ve even had pain in my arms from typing and clicking around the tiny browser and keyboard.

iCrack – you are the only one that understands me.

Apple Offers $100 Store Credit for iPhone Early Adopters

smallish_smallish_ac_iphone_070812 Steve Jobs has announced that anyone who did not get the refund difference (I got mine) will be eligible for a $100 Apple store credit. Here is the link to the official announcement on the website – Apple $100 credit to iPhone users.

I think is great news and a really good move on Apple’s part. Their customers were not happy, expressed it, and Apple listened.

This doesn’t actually affect me but it is good for those 14 day plus people who were getting shafted.

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I Got My $200 Credit for My iPhone From AT&T

dollars I logged into my AT&T account this morning and low and behold the $200 credit had been posted to my account.

To recap this is how I did it -

I went to the AT&T store that I purchased it from and told them that I wanted the credit. The girl asked the manager that was helping someone else and he told her to send him and email with my info and that he would process the credit manually later that day. I asked why I could not get cash for it and he stated that they do not price match on phones but since this is the iPhone that they are making an exception.

I did not argue but ask for a copy of the email. The girl printed me a copy and I made my way out of the store.

I really have to give props to AT&T for that especially since it had technically been 15 day since I had bought it.

With that I actually got 2 4GB iPhones for $300 each. I know a lot of people said that the 4GB version is not worth it because it only has 4GB but I have not felt limited by it.

I hope that if you are trying to get your refund that you are successful.

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PR Nightmare – Apple Drops iPhone Price $200 After 2 Months

burning-money-2 That’s right. All of you early adopters (including me) got to pay $200 (per phone) in order to have the “privilege” of using an iPhone 2 months early.

For me I bought my 4GB iPhone for $499 15 days ago. That’s right, exactly 1 day after the famed “credit” that you can receive from either Apple or AT&T. I did go into the store and they said that they would issue a $200 credit to my AT&T account but we will see if that happens.

Remember though – I have 2 iPhone’s – the other one is my wife’s. Fortunately I bought her’s 13 days ago and was able to go into the Apple store and get the credit sent back to my credit card. This credit will at least not sting as much if I don’t get the one from AT&T.

So what do I think about all of this?

I don’t think it was the greatest move on Apple’s part.

The reason I say this is that the people that bought the iPhone when it first came out were mostly the die-hard Apple fans. These are the people like me that live and die Apple and try to covert everyone else.

With this move they have really pissed this group of people off.

On one hand it is good for Apple and the rest of everybody who was not considering an iPhone because of the price. But on the other hand you do not want alienate your core user base.

This will not turn me off from buying from Apple in the future but I will definitely be more cautious in adopting new technology from them until it has stabilized in price and function.

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